Disclaimer: This is not a religious group. This story is merely to develop the concept behind the non-profit organization and support group to encourage love among sisters above a standard, inspiring the vision to DO WHAT IS RIGHT NOT WHAT IS EASY.

Ochún (Oshún) is the youngest of all the Orichás, according to most patakís (sacred stories). When Olodumare finished creating the earth, he sat back and contemplated his work. He realized something was missing: sweetness and love, the two things that would make life worth living. So, he created Ochún and sent her to earth to cultivate those qualities in others. As her daughters and we are sisters let's cultivate this love for each other.

The mission of the non-profit organization is to empower women and children of color through information sharing, coaching, forum, and support within Health, Education, and Social interaction by way of community engagement and charity efforts.

For Motivation

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